Recently Scot David Higgins organised a charity ‘Legends’ trip to Bangkok, raising money for the Mercy Centre which is a children’s orphanage.

David got international rugby legends from all over the world to descend on Thailand to join the team including some of the biggest names from New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Scotland, England Wales and Ireland.

Those from Scotland included Marcus Di Rollo and David Hilton and the team also won a 10s event while there.

However, the big story was raising money for the Mercy Centre and how the visit to see the kids affected the players

Companies such as David Cummings, the Amari Hotel, Leigh Hunt and Cervadon helped get the legendary players over there and for that they must be thanked.

David Corkery, the former Ireland cap, broke his arm on the trip, but also wrote a piece to sum up the fund-raising effort.

“It isn’t often that you get asked to travel to Thailand to play a bit of rugby with some of the greatest rugby players of the professional era, so when it comes, you grab it with both hands,” he said.

“The trip left me requiring surgery however, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

“The reason for the trip was to raise some funds for the lesser well off in Thailand. The organisation my team-mates and I had the honour of representing was an orphanage called the Mercy Centre which was sited deep in the heart of the oppressive Bangkok slums.

“This centre is a sanctuary for street kids and orphans, a hospice for sick mothers and children with HIV/AIDS and a serene haven in the depths of Bangkok where small gardens and a playground become a place to hide from what exists on the other side of the four walls.

“It is also a place those of us who think we have problems should go and visit in order to appreciate that life isn’t as bad as you perhaps first think.

“I know we all have troubles of our own and charity should always begin at home, however, this centre brings hardship, sorrow and grief to a completely different level,

“On the rugby front we, or should I say the remainder of the squad, did very well. Regrettably, I didn’t make it beyond game two however the lads went on to win the tournament and it was an honour to have played with this group of players.

“Among our ranks we had living legends such as Bruce Reihana, Kees Meeuws, Stephen Bachop, Daniel Browne, Junior Paramore, Tanner Vili, Marcus Di Rollo, David Hilton, Big Bill Cavubati and Dan Scarbrough.

“All these guys still show an incredible level of determination to win and I guess that is why they went on to be the best in their chosen profession.

“Winning is always good, but on this occasion the prize for everyone was to see the kids smile in the Mercy Centre.”

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