Scotland Captain John Barclay is looking for a reaction from his team this Saturday as they look to end the 6 Nations on a high against Italy.

At the weekend the Scots were humbled 61-21 at Twickenham by England, but they still have the chance to win three games from five.

Looking back on the England loss, the  30-year-old back-row man said: “I don’t think anyone saw that game coming at the weekend. We reviewed it and went over it. You can’t really gloss over what went wrong. I certainly believe we’ve been on the right path and right trend for a while now.

“But we can still finish with three wins, still finish second in the table – which we’ve never done before in the 6 Nations. What happened was a bump in the road – albeit a fairly big bump.

“I’m confident there will be a very positive reaction come the weekend.

“We realise we’ve got to right a few wrongs. We’ve had a lot of great support from the fans and, if we win three out of five, we can finish quite well in the Championship. If we do that, we move away from the England game.

“The guys are pretty dusted up. It’s the nature of the beast that, when you get to game five, you’ll have a lot of boys bashed up in the Championship. But it’s not hard to get ready, not hard to lift yourself.

“We’ve put more emphasis on getting a bit of clarity with the guys and making sure we’re ready to go at the weekend.

“We can’t – and we don’t need to – reinvent the wheel in the space of a week. We just made a lot of uncharacteristic errors at the weekend. You’re just gutted when you lose. The manner of it was very hard to take.

“We’ve got a very good support and it’s been fantastic for the guys to see the response we’ve had from the public over this Championship.

“You do want to represent the country as best you can and make the nation proud. That’s what we had been doing, so that made the weekend at Twickenham hard.

“You can’t feel sorry for yourself. You have to draw a line under it, learn from it certainly but be ready to move on, go out there and be ready for one more big game to end the Championship.

“I can’t really speak for every player but some people mope about, others find it easier to bounce back. Certainly we trained well on Tuesday and didn’t see any drawing back – it was all about looking forward. We can’t afford to look back now.”

John Barclay is pictured at this week’s media briefing by David Gibson/FOTOSPORT

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