In the third instalment of our new web column for the 2016/17 sevens season, Scotland Sevens player Fraser Lyle writes for us ahead of the fifth event of the Sevens World Series in Las Vegas:

We have suffered a few injuries in recent tournaments and it has been sad to see a number of guys ruled out long-term because of that, but we have to keep going as there is still so much to play for.

In Sydney we were a bit unlucky in a couple of ties and did not perform as we would have liked, but the points that we picked up in Dubai, South Africa and New Zealand show what we can do.

We have been working so hard in training to be able to compete with the best around and although the standard has improved throughout since the Olympics we are keeping pace with these teams.

I am not a core sevens player, being aligned to Glasgow Warriors, but I have been lucky enough in all four events this season.

That means I have played in 11 World Series events overall and you certainly feel like you are learning all the time.

All of the different tournaments pose different tests and each tie is so quick that anything can happen. The work that we do between ties, both in terms of recovery and then looking at the next opposition, is key and there is never a moment wasted.

Head Coach Calum MacRae and skipper Scott Riddell are excellent when it comes to that because they don’t allow us to switch off and they are always making us work and think so that we get the most out of each tie.

When you have back-to-back events the banter in the squad is key too because we are around each other a lot and you need to be able to get on with each other and have a laugh when down time comes around.

There a number of new faces in this squad for Las Vegas that will then head onto Canada, but I have been very impressed with how everyone has fitted in and got up to speed with things this season.

Earlier in the World Series the likes of George Horne and Robert Beattie did well and I sure the other newer guys will in the next few weeks.

It is up to me and others around them to keep these guys right and we are focused on getting back into the Cup knock-out stages in Vegas and then building towards Canada and beyond.

Scotland Sevens

Scotland Sevens squad to compete in Las Vegas on March 3, 4 and 5 (World Series tournaments in brackets)

1 Scott Riddell (C) (53)

2 Dougie Fife (10)

3 Ally Miller (0)

4 Gregor Hunter (1)

5 Tom Brown (2)

6 Mark Robertson (51)

7 Jamie Farndale (15)

8 Joseva Nayacavou (21)

9 Sean Kennedy (6)

10 Scott Wight (24)

11 James Fleming (37)

12 Fraser Lyle (11)

13 Hugh Blake (10)

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